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Special Tax Recapture: None
Account Identifier: District - 01 Account Number - 016326
Owner Information
Owner Name: DAVIS MARK S
Principal Residence:
Mailing Address: 106 SNUG HARBOR WAY
EARLEVILLE MD 21919-0000
Deed Reference: /04947/ 00068
Location & Structure Information
Premises Address: DRIFT WAY
EARLEVILLE 21919-0000
Legal Description:
LOT 36 - .2582 ACRE
Map: Grid: Parcel: Neighborhood: Subdivision: Section: Block: Lot: Assessment Year: Plat No:
0060 0004 0112 1010009.08 0122 36 2022 Plat Ref: 0001/ 0014
Town: None
Primary Structure Built Above Grade Living Area Finished Basement Area Property Land Area County Use
11,250 SF
Stories Basement Type Exterior Quality Full/Half Bath Garage Last Notice of Major Improvements
Value Information
Base Value Value Phase-in Assessments
As of
As of
As of
Land: 85,800 85,800
Improvements 0 0
Total: 85,800 85,800 85,800
Preferential Land: 0
Transfer Information
Seller: WOODIE RAY L & JERILYN MAYERCHAK Date: 08/02/2021 Price: $55,000
Type: ARMS LENGTH VACANT Deed1: /04947/ 00068 Deed2:
Seller: LANDIS, LINDA M. Date: 02/10/2000 Price: $20,000
Type: ARMS LENGTH VACANT Deed1: WLB /00874/ 00143 Deed2:
Seller: GOUDY, CHARLES R., JR. & LORI A. Date: 04/26/1991 Price: $120,000
Type: NON-ARMS LENGTH OTHER Deed1: NDS /00340/ 00738 Deed2:
Exemption Information
Partial Exempt Assessments: Class 07/01/2021 07/01/2022
County: 000 0.00
State: 000 0.00
Municipal: 000 0.00| 0.00|
Special Tax Recapture: None
Homestead Application Information
Homestead Application Status: No Application 
Homeowners' Tax Credit Application Information
Homeowners' Tax Credit Application Status: No Application Date:
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